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Freedom Fridays

January 12, 2017 – Government Waste Erodes Our Freedoms, Part II: The United Nations

Freedom Fridays

Every time we pay our taxes we sacrifice a little of our liberty to the federal government. When those taxpayer dollars are then blatantly wasted, the loss of freedom really stings.


Well over two hundred years ago, George Washington warned the young United States to be wary of foreign entanglements that could compromise our nation’s sovereignty—and by extension, our freedom.  We’d be wise to continue to heed his advice today.


What’s so bad about the United Nations?

The founding of the United Nations in the immediate aftermath of World War II may have made sense to some.  The world had just emerged from a cataclysmic conflict that killed tens of millions of people and completely destabilized the entire geopolitical landscape.  Many voices called for an international forum to try to ensure that the horrors of global war and mass genocide would never occur again.

Over seventy years later, the founding purpose of the U.N. is long dead.  Today, this organization is merely one among many multinational bodies, and while the U.N. continues to espouse lofty aims, its actions are often very far from inspiring.  Instead of dedicating all of its attention and resources to confronting very real threats of international significance—like a nuclear North Korea or the terrorist actions of Hezbollah—the U.N. all too frequently allows itself to get distracted by pointless and offensive sideshows that go against our own nation’s values and interests. 

Last month’s vote in the U.N. General Assembly condemning the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a case in point.  The sovereign nation of Israel itself, our strongest ally in the Middle East, has always considered Jerusalem to be its capital, and so it makes perfect sense that foreign legations would establish themselves in this city.  However, instead of recognizing this fact, the General Assembly decided to embarrass both Israel and the United States to appease an often divisive Palestinian lobby. 

What stings even worse about this recent vote is the fact that the U.S. contributes more funding to the U.N. – estimated at over $8 billion a year – than any other nation, including the other major powers (China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom) on the Security Council.


What am I doing about this?

Last year, I cosponsored the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 193) and the Defunding the United Nations Act (H.R. 249) to completely end U.S. membership in the U.N. and sever all financial support for the organization.  These bills are awaiting action in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  I will be engaged in further efforts to eliminate all U.S. involvement with the U.N. as the budgetary and appropriations process commences in the House of Representatives in the coming weeks.


Total Cost to Arizona Taxpayers: $172 million, or $67 per household

Cumulative Cost to Arizona Taxpayers of “Freedom Friday” Government Waste:  $204,285,709, or $79 per household