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June 15, 2018  Protecting the Second Amendment Rights of Knife Owners



Protecting the Second Amendment Right of Knife Owners

There is currently no federal law that allows the interstate transportation of automatic knives.  Instead, different state and local jurisdictions set their own laws and regulations.


Why is this a problem?

In some jurisdictions, possessing an automatic knife is perfectly legal; in others, it is a serious crime.  This situation obviously causes great uncertainty for knife owners who wish to travel across the country.

There are larger constitutional issues to consider as well.  If gun owners are allowed, on Second Amendment grounds, to transport legally-possessed firearms from state to state, shouldn’t knife owners be granted the same right?  I strongly believe that Second Amendment protections are expansive enough to cover ownership of automatic knives, and that much of the demonization of automatic knives is a result of the tired Hollywood stereotype of the dangerous “switchblade.”

What am I doing about it?

The Knife Owner’s Protection Act (KOPA) was the very first bill I introduced as a Member of Congress.  Among other measures, my legislation allows the interstate transportation of automatic knives and affirms this Second Amendment right of all Americans.  This bill is being reviewed in the House Judiciary and House Energy and Commerce Committees. 


What are they saying?

KOPA is important legislation protecting law-abiding travelers from serious criminal charges as they travel this great country and it also repeals an outdated law that does nothing but burden commerce and restrict consumer choice.  It is imperative that the House pass this bill to protect the rights of Americans. Together we can forge a Sharper Future! – Doug Ritter, Chairman and Executive Director, Knife Rights, Inc. and Knife Rights Foundation, Inc.