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Freedom Fridays

August 18, 2017 - Kicking Washington Out of Our Neighborhoods


Overturning the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule Requirements


Freedom fridays


Repealing the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Unfair Housing Rule


What does this regulation do?

HUD’s 2015 housing rule requires cities receiving federal funds to perfectly diversify neighborhoods according to vague standards created by unelected federal bureaucrats. Any community that does not adequately shift its focus from ensuring equal opportunity to ensuring equal outcomes, will risk losing out on federal improvement funds.


Why is this a problem?

Housing discrimination has been illegal for decades—and rightly so. HUD’s rule does not grant extra protection to minorities. Instead, it imposes an extra layer of bureaucracy on local governments and allows a federal bureaucrat to impose his version utopia on every neighborhood in America. In the process, local governments lose their constitutional authority to make zoning, educational, and transportation decisions for their communities.


What I am doing about it

Earlier this year, I cosponsored the Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act (H.R. 482), offered by my Arizona colleague Congressman Paul Gosar, to permanently rescind this rule. I also sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee urging them to prevent any federal funding from being used to implement this rule.


What are they saying?

“Congressman Biggs is working hard to streamline federal processes and remove unnecessary regulation. These efforts are greatly appreciated and allow me and my fellow mayors across Arizona to focus on what cities do best: encouraging economic growth and ensuring safe, prosperous communities.” - Mayor John Giles, City of Mesa

“I applaud Congressman Biggs for fighting meaningless federal regulations. Washington bureaucrats don't understand the challenges in the cities and towns of Arizona. HUD’s AFFH rule doesn't provide any new protections, just more red tape and paperwork for Gilbert.” - Jared Taylor, Councilman, City of Gilbert