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Freedom Fridays

Shedding Light on Unconstitutional Federal Regulations

The Four Regulations of Christmas


Freedom Fridays


December 8, 2017 - "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree"


Believe it or not, your Christmas trees are not exempt from big government policies! The Department of Agriculture carries out Research and Promotion programs to develop marketing strategies for a variety of agricultural commodities like avocados, mangoes, peanuts… and of course, Christmas trees. In 2011, the Obama Administration issued a rule that established the Christmas Tree Promotion Board – an appointed body of unelected bureaucrats in charge of government-sponsored propaganda for Christmas tree producers – all made possible by a $.15 tax on your Christmas trees.

The public outrage was heard loud and clear and the Obama Administration put a halt on the rule; but leave it to Congress to bring bad policy back to life. In the 2014 Farm Bill, the periodic goody-package to agricultural interests, Congress included a provision authorizing the Christmas Tree Promotion Board and its $.15 Christmas tree tax.

While the collection of $.15 may seem harmless, the government does not have the constitutional authority to use taxpayer money to pick winners and losers in the free market. The Christmas tree market offers varying types of trees, including some that are not natural, and this promotion board puts competitors at an unfair disadvantage. Additionally, small businesses in rural communities should not be forced to pay this tax simply because others in the industry can afford to pay it.

We must put an end to our government acting like the Grinch each Christmas!