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My main priority while serving in Congress is to restore the constitutional parameters of the federal government.  For too long, Congress has turned a blind eye to the boundaries laid out in the U.S. Constitution that provide checks and balances among the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches, and ensure an appropriate separation between federal and state government. This has led to a rampant regulatory state wherein unelected bureaucrats impose binding regulations without congressional approval.  Even many of Congress’s “feel-good” bills overstep our federal authority and have turned into a takeover of states’ 10th Amendment rights. It is time for Congress to practice some self-restraint and work within the bounds of the Constitution.

When running for office, I also promised my constituents that I would fight to achieve six major goals in Congress.

Those goals were –

- Preventing Members of Congress from being paid until a balanced budget is passed;
- Reining in bureaucratic rule-making and restoring Article I authority to Congress;
- Ending the ObamaCare loophole that is designed to benefit Members of Congress;
- Passing Grant’s Law to protect innocent U.S. citizens from violent illegal immigrants;
- Ensuring that Common Core never becomes a federal mandate and that states and local officials have authority over the teaching of our nation’s youth; and
- Removing Arizona from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and placing it into a newly established 12th Circuit that can provide more equal access to justice.

I am pleased to say that I have sponsored or co-sponsored legislation to address all six of my promises, and I am working every day to pass these bills through the U.S. Congress.

I know my constituents expect me to remain true to my word and uphold the promises I made to them. As long as I serve as a member of this representative body, I intend to do just that.   


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Read the text of the letter below:

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