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OP-ED: Breaching the U.S.-Mexico border

November 4, 2018
In The News


The group of illegal migrants continues to cross Mexico toward the United States. President Trump is deploying more than 5,000 troops to the border. The Mexican government has not been able to turn the group around toward their own countries, and they persist in defying multiple laws in their stated efforts to breach the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Mexican government has offered legal status and jobs to those who will stay in Mexico, but most insist that they will not stop until they reach the United States.

American leftists claim that these people are refugees seeking asylum in America, yet the constant refrain from those in the invading mob is that they want jobs in the United States. Jobs in Mexico won’t do, only jobs in the United States.


President Trump has been using the bully pulpit to pressure leaders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to prevent this group, and the additional groups already forming, from approaching the U.S., but they have accomplished very little.

More troops on the border and pressure, including threats to withhold U.S. foreign aid, have been little deterrent.

Congress must act immediately to require that applicants for asylum may only apply in their native country, and may not enter the United States unless, and until, asylum is granted.