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Rep. Andy Biggs to Newsmax TV: Biden Border to Get ‘Overwhelmed’

February 3, 2021
In The News

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., says President Joe Biden’s immigration plan will “provide additional incentives for people to come and stay in this country illegally” and predicts the U.S. will be overwhelmed at the border again.

Biden is supposed to sign new immigration orders Tuesday as part of his administration’s push to roll back Trump-era policies, including tackling family separation, the root causes of immigration, and the legal immigration system.

“Both the [amnesty and catch-and-release program] are magnets and draws,” Biggs said Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda.”

“The asylum program that he’s talking about, facilitating, making it easy to declare asylum, that will be a draw as well. When he starts talking about refugees, you begin to ask, ‘well, what is the vetting process for asylees, what is the vetting process for refugees.’

“That’s going to come out and we suspect that it’s going to be substantially less vetting on these people coming in. and that’s important because we don’t know these people. Some of them are coming from some dangerous areas, but some of them are part of the dangerous problems.

“We’re going to be overwhelmed at the border again,” he added.

One of Biden’s orders will create a task force to push forward with the reunification of migrants separated from family members at the border during the Trump administration via the “zero tolerance” policy. Another order will implement a three-part strategy to address “irregular migration” at the southern border. The third order will look for a review of Trump-era policies on that form of immigration and will “streamline” the naturalization process, as well as instruct agencies to review the public charge rule.

“The executive order includes a review of many regulations, orders, guidance, documents and policies that the Trump administration put in place over the last four years,” a senior administration official said. “The review will be conducted by the State Department, the Department of Justice, and DHS and assess which policies are inconsistent with the federal government’s desire to promote integration and inclusion, citizenship and the full participation of our newest Americans.”