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Rep. Andy Biggs to Newsmax TV: Dems Playing With Emotions, Not Facts

February 9, 2021
In The News

Democrats were focused on emotion and not facts during the first day of the Senate impeachment trial, according to Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., on Newsmax TV.

House Democrats began the trial Tuesday by explaining why they impeached President Donald Trump for inciting Capitol rioters Jan. 6. The former president’s legal team then opened its defense.

“It kind of went like we thought it would, where you got going on this notion of what’s the jurisdiction,” Biggs told host Chris Salcedo on “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “But the Democrats, of course, what they’re focusing on is the emotion of the event. They’re not focusing on what President Trump actually said.

“If you’re focusing on what President Trump actually said the day of, if you’re focused on the fact that we’ve had all kinds of evidence that have come out in the interim: That this was actually a preorganized coordinated attack on the Capitol itself. On the facts, President Trump would win it.”

Biggs said House Democrats were very selective in their presentations to the Senate.

“On the process, they didn’t bother to mention how they worked the process in the House, and how they’re trying to actually work it in the Senate with their jurisdictional claims – that kind of went the way we thought it would,” he said.

“Ultimately, the president would win on the facts, the process but also on the Constitution.”

By pursuing charges against a person no longer in office, Biggs said Democrats were setting a precedent they might regret.

“I think that 56 people voted, including six Republicans, to say it was constitutional absolutely makes a mockery of the Constitution and puts everybody, everybody who’s an elected official but particularly a president of the United States, will be in jeopardy when they leave office,” he said.

“And that means, quite frankly, you have Hillary Clinton’s available to go after. [Barack] Obama’s available to go after. All of them are available go after now.”