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Update from Congress

June 23, 2017

Greetings from Washington, D.C. -

Hope all of you avoided this week’s Arizona heat as much as possible. Here’s an update on what I’ve been doing in Congress.


I am so happy to hear of Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s improvement from the horrific shooting that occurred last week in Alexandria. This afternoon, it was reported that he was moved out of the intensive care unit and continues to recover from his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with him, his family, and the other individuals who were shot that morning.

Also, I am deeply appreciative to the Capitol Police officers who saved lives that day, and for the officers who protect Members of Congress, their staff, and the public on a daily basis. Their sacrifices are heroic.


Aside from working towards priorities like a full repeal of Obamacare, passage of pro-growth tax reform, and building a border wall, Congress has a long list of important items that must be completed prior to September 30.  This includes reviewing the federal debt limit, passing a federal budget, providing funding for the next fiscal year, reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration and more. Failure to complete these items could have detrimental consequences and will likely lead to Congress once again irresponsibly kicking the can down the road.

I am not under the illusion that any of these things will be easy to accomplish, but I fully intend to work in good faith in Congress to remain true to my constituents in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. I know they will not, and rightfully should not, settle for half-hearted measures, nor a job left undone. With a unified Republican government, Congress can no longer put off following through on the priorities we promised to the American people.

To help maintain our pace and deliberations, I strongly support the call for the House to suspend the August recess so that Members of Congress can remain focused on enacting the policies we have discussed for the last several years. We cannot afford to lose any of our momentum as we do the peoples’ business in Washington, D.C.

I want to hear from you – do you want the House to cancel its August recess?



I am extremely disappointed by the lack of resolve from Congress to repeal Obamacare – most recently, with the U.S. Senate’s legislation (released yesterday). The American people demanded a full repeal. Now, the 115th Congress is dangerously close to abandoning our promise and opportunity to completely repeal Obamacare, remove government from the health care industry, permanently defund Planned Parenthood, and give Americans their long-awaited relief from overwhelming premiums.

Since taking office in January, I have participated in many meetings with House and Senate members to offer insights and solutions to this goal. I hope that my colleagues will see our grave error with the AHCA and reverse course to wholly repeal Obamacare. Only by doing so will we be able to fulfill our promises to the American people.


Today, President Trump signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act.

I was pleased to vote last week in favor of this historic bill, which sends a strong message to our honored veterans that Congress is looking after their interests. This law will help ensure that employees at all levels of the Department of Veterans Administration will not be allowed to provide below-average care to American veterans. Our veterans have long paid the price of this severe incompetence. Congress’ action provides a clear indication that we will not continue to look the other way, and President Trump and his administration have followed suit. In a few short months, the culture of the Veterans Administration has drastically improved.


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As always, I am extremely humbled by the trust that you have bestowed upon me and honored to serve as your Congressman.


Andy Biggs
Member of Congress