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Congressman Andy Biggs Introduces the Buzz Off Act

May 19, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Biggs introduced the Buzz Off Act to prevent federal law enforcement agencies from using drones to conduct warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens. He offered the following statement:

“Although we are living in unprecedented times, we must not compromise our long recognized constitutional rights. Overseas, the Chinese and Spanish governments have already been using drones to impose stay-at-home orders, and some state and local governments here in the United States have taken notice. In California, drones have been equipped with speakers and cameras to help enforce the coronavirus lockdown; in at least one New Jersey city, these devices are being deployed to harangue citizens into heeding social distancing guidelines. 

“Any freedom-loving American is left to wonder: what’s next? The Fourth Amendment and decades of Supreme Court precedent grant all American citizens a right to privacy. I won’t let our nation be transformed into a police state, nor will I sit idly by and let a soulless machine tell me how to live my life. These nosy little drones need to buzz off!”

“The increasing use of drones by law enforcement is starting to feel dystopian, a bit like something out of Minority Report. It's important to start setting strict guidelines on how drone surveillance can be used, and the Buzz Off Act's requirement that federal law enforcement get a warrant before using drones to spy on individual Americans is a good start.” – Jason Pye, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks


Congressman Andy Biggs is a second-term Representative from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, representing parts of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Queen Creek. Congressman Biggs is a member of the House Judiciary and Science, Space, and Technology committees. He lives with his wife, Cindy, in Gilbert.