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Congressman Andy Biggs Requests Leader McCarthy Reconsider GOP Conference Rule Change

September 2, 2021
Press Release

Today, Congressman Andy Biggs, and 16 of his colleagues, sent a letter to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy requesting a reconsideration of a GOP Conference Rule change that would remove members who accept committee assignments or serve on a committee without recommendation from the Republican Steering Committee or the Republican Leader: 

“Accepting committee assignments from Speaker Pelosi and ignoring the long-standing practice and rule of being nominated by designated GOP members is a betrayal to our party’s efforts against Pelosi and the Far Left’s attacks,” said Congressman Andy Biggs. “As Republican Members of Congress, it is our duty to strategize effective measures that protect America’s foundational values. We cannot allow our party, which stands as a bulwark against the socialist agenda of the Democrats, to be infiltrated by individuals who are coordinating with members of the opposition. Our party’s integrity, and the voice of conservative Americans who voted for us, must be protected and upheld.”

"The January 6th Select Committee is an aggressive abuse of power led by Nancy Pelosi aimed at demonizing Donald Trump and all who support him. This latest move has absolutely zero merit and is a side show meant to distract Americans from the trillions of dollars being spent by Democrats on their socialist wishlist and the fact that President Biden disgracefully left Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan." - Congressman Jody Hice

“While taking marching orders from Speaker Pelosi, Representatives Kinzinger and Cheney should not be allowed in our closed door, private conference meetings. The Biden regime’s strategy of arming and equipping those who seek to do us harm is pathetic, and the GOP conference should not fallow suit. Kinzinger and Cheney should be removed from our conference immediately.” - Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

“Republican members who willingly submit themselves to the left’s narrative and become pawns for the mainstream media are nothing less than turncoats against the Republican party. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney have chosen to bask in the praise and admiration of liberal talking heads and abandoned their constituencies. The Republican Conference must take swift action to distance ourselves from the left’s Trojan Horse representatives. We need representatives who champion the people’s values, not career politicians like Kinzinger and Cheney who champion D.C. insider agendas.” - Congressman Madison Cawthorn

“Instead of investigating the Jihad Squad’s connections to groups that foment political violence like BLM and Antifa, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have taken on Pelosi appointments to target the Republican Firebrands in Congress. Kevin McCarthy should remove them from their committees immediately.” - Congressman Matt Gaetz

“Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger knew all along the Jan. 6 committee was Witch Hunt 2.0, just like the one Democrats launched against President Trump. They’ve sold out Republicans and they must be thrown out of the GOP conference!” - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

“When members consistently choose to do Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat Party’s bidding, they lose the trust of the Republican Conference. This rule change is simple and necessary.”- Congressman Dan Bishop

“To move forward effectively, it is imperative that our party be united. Right now, certain members are choosing to side with Speaker Pelosi over the Republican Party. This is unacceptable. Now more than ever the United States needs a unified voice — that is why my colleagues and I are calling on Leader McCarthy to appropriately address those in our party causing division.” - Congressman Ralph Norman

“It is absurd that a formal rule prohibiting this behavior is necessary, but Republicans must be united to defeat Nancy Pelosi’s socialist takeover of America, and the Republican conference should swiftly make this rule change to expel anyone who has chosen to take marching orders from her.” - Congressman Barry Moore

Read full letter here