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Congressman Biggs introduces the 'Abortion Is Not Health Care Act'

May 15, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Andy Biggs introduced the Abortion Is Not Health Care Act, which ends the Internal Revenue Service’s treatment of out-of-pocket abortion costs as a medical expense. Congressman Biggs, other Members of Congress, and leaders from supporting organizations issued the following statements:

“It is unfathomable that my Democrat colleagues in Congress continue to not only condone the practice of abortion, but allow taxpayer dollars to subsidize this abhorrent practice. As Members of Congress, we have a duty to protect life from the moment of conception. I urge all of my colleagues to uphold the call for human dignity at all stages of life, including while still in womb, and to support the ‘Abortion Is Not Health Care Act.’

“For years, the pro-abortion movement has marketed abortion as a form of reproductive health care. But it’s time for us to be honest with ourselves – health care is primarily a restorative function, one that helps our bodies heal from a disease or ailment. Under no circumstances should health care include the intentional taking of a life. The ‘Abortion Is Not Health Care Act’ is a small step towards ending the federal government’s treatment of abortion as a ‘healing medical practice.’” – Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05)

“As representatives in Congress, it is our duty to protect the lives of the innocent, including our most vulnerable - the unborn. I believe in the inherent value of every human life and I’m proud to join my colleagues as an original cosponsor of this critical piece of legislation so that we can put an end to the IRS treating abortion as a medical expense.” – Congressman Ken Buck (CO-04)

“The government should not be in the business of incentivizing abortion by treating it as a medical expense. All life is precious, and our laws must reflect this by fully supporting the sanctity of life and ending government involvement in abortion.” – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03)

“Abortion is not health care and should never be treated as such. I commend my colleague and friend Andy Biggs for recognizing this fact, and for introducing this important legislation.” – Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01)

“I commend Congressman Biggs for standing for life. As a doctor and a soldier, I am trained to save lives and protect the innocent. This bill reminds us that abortions end life and hurt the innocent.” – Congressman Mark Green, M.D. (TN-07)

“The ending of a human life should not be part of a taxpayer's money-saving strategy when they file their taxes each April. I'm proud to support legislation to remove financial incentives for abortions, and will continue to work with the Pro-Life Caucus to end all federal funding streams for them.” – Congressman Bob Latta (OH-05)

“We should take every step possible to protect life. The federal government does not allow taxpayer dollars to be used for abortions, and our tax code should not be incentivizing these actions either. This legislation would live up to that standard by preventing abortions from being included as a reimbursable medical expense. I am proud to serve as a co-sponsor for the ‘Abortion is Not Health Care Act’ and I will continue to advocate for laws that uphold the sanctity of life.” – Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-05)

“Abortion is not healthcare, and killing a healthy, preborn child should not be considered a medical expense. We must end all forms of federally subsidized abortion, including through loopholes in the tax code. I thank Congressman Biggs for his leadership and commitment to protecting the sanctity of life.” – Congressman John Rutherford (FL-04)

“I’m proud to co-sponsor the ‘Abortion Is Not Health Care Act.’ Under no circumstance should the federal government subsidize abortion and that includes offering tax deductions for those who have received an abortion. We must stand up for life and protect our nation’s most vulnerable.” – Congressman Greg Steube (FL-17)

“Abortion on demand is the opposite of health care. American taxpayers should not be forced to support the abortion industry through the tax code. Representative Biggs' bill will put an end to this bad policy.” – Jessica Anderson, Vice President, Heritage Action for America

“A child in the womb is as human as you or I. Congressman Biggs deserves praise for his bill making it clear that the deliberate destruction of an unborn child is not healthcare.  The American experience has always been one of hope for future generations — our laws should reflect that hope and not the cynicism of abortion.” – Tom McClusky, President, March for Life Action

“True health care serves to cultivate an individual's well-being.  Abortion only serves to destroy an individual's life and injure another.  Eliminating the tax incentive for abortion will aid in silencing the lies of pro-abortion institutions.” Tabitha Walter, Executive Director, Eagle Forum

“Healthcare heals the body and mind and saves lives. Abortion is the opposite of healthcare - it ends the life of a human being and can severely damage the body and mind of the aborted child’s mother. AZ Right to Life supports Rep. Biggs’ legislation that protects American women and their unborn children by hindering access to abortion.” – Rachel LeBeau, Executive Director, Arizona Right to Life