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Congressman Biggs Introduces the Freedom From Mandates Act

September 27, 2021

Today, Congressman Andy Biggs, and 21 of his colleagues, introduced the Freedom from Mandates Act to block President Biden’s vaccine mandates: 

“The federal government may not force the American people to get a vaccine against their will. President Biden’s continued attempts to trample on the rights and liberties of Americans must not be tolerated. His vaccine mandates are just another example of using fear and division to pit Americans against each other and maintain his control. The American people must be allowed to make their own health care decisions. It is their right.” - Congressman Andy Biggs

"In our system of government the Congress, not the executive, writes our laws. Unfortunately, that basic civics lesson is lost on President Joe Biden as he tests the limits of his authority with a series of sprawling COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Rep. Andy Biggs’ Freedom from Mandates Act is a harsh rebuke to President Biden’s executive overreach in the fight against invasive COVID-19 mandates." - Adam Brandon, President, FreedomWorks. 

“The Texas Public Policy Foundation commends Congressman Andy Biggs for introducing the Freedom from Mandates Act. This bill would nullify President Biden’s unconstitutional national vaccine mandate that represents one of the most egregious overreaches of the federal government on the liberty and freedoms of the American people. Forcing employees to choose between their job and injecting drugs into their bodies is not only a violation of their liberty, but for those serving in the armed forces and other military operations, it poses a national security risk. Congressman Biggs’ Freedom from Mandates Act is a necessary first step to push back against the Biden administration’s authoritarian actions under the guise of COVID-19.” - Kevin Roberts, CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation

Cosponsors: Congressman Thomas Massie, Congressman Matt Rosendale, Congressman Jeff Duncan, Congressman Jody Hice, Congressman Bob Good, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Mo Brooks, Congressman Van Taylor, Congressman Jason Smith, Congressman Randy Weber, Congressman Michael Cloud, Congressman Bill Posey, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, Congressman Tom McClintock, Congressman Dan Bishop, Congressman Chip Roy, Congressman Andy Harris, Congresswoman Mary Miller, Congressman Alex Mooney, Congressman Ralph Norman, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert