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Congressman Biggs Responds to False Allegations

January 22, 2021

GILBERT, ARIZONA – Congressman Andy Biggs released the following statement in response to false allegations that have been levied against him since January 6:

Since January 6, many on the Left and in the media have claimed that I:

· organized the peaceful rally of January 6,

· planned the unlawful riots that took place,

· led reconnaissance tours of the U.S. Capitol to those scheming to riot,

· funded the rally and the riot.

All of those allegations are false. I have publicly denied all them, of course. And I believed that when they heard the truth, honest reporters would stop writing untruths. I was wrong. The reality is that there are few honest reporters remaining, and Leftists do not care about truth. For them, the ends justify the means. The media has buried my statements, ignored the evidence, and is instead generating ever-more-sensational lies about me.

I am writing this to speak directly to my constituents, and to the few remaining honest journalists who aren't quite sure what to believe.

Here are unequivocal answers to the questions an honest press would have asked:

  1. Did you in any way organize, plan, or fund the January 6, 2021 rally that was held on the Ellipse of the White House?


  1. Did you participate at, speak at, pray at, sing at, or attend the January 6, 2021 rally?


  1. Did you give tours of the U.S. Capitol to individuals or groups who were planning to breach the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021?


4. Have you given tours of the U.S. Capitol to anyone or any group since the November 3, 2020 election?


5. Were you aware of any planned demonstration or riot at the U.S. Capitol to take place after the rally on January 6, 2021?


6. Did you in any way help organize or plan the breach of the U.S. Capitol and ensuing riot of January 6, 2021?


7. Have you had phone, text, social media, or email contact with the individual, Ali Alexander, who originally claimed that you helped plan the rally of January 6, 2021?


8. Did you help plan with Mr. Alexander either the rally or the riot of January 6, 2021?


9. Why would Mr. Alexander claim that you, and two other congressmen, "schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting?"

I have no idea.

In sum: All of the allegations are false. I do not know why the rumors started, why the media has repeatedly ignored the evidence, or how to state the truth more clearly.

This assault on my reputation is difficult to watch. The Left's lies have resulted in death threats against my family and me, as well as several other conservative Members of Congress who've been similarly defamed.

This situation is typical of many false news stories that the press "reported" against former President Trump, the most famous of which was the Russia hoax. For years, the President had to respond to something that was pure fabrication, and several of my colleagues and I are in the same position now. Once the Leftists in the media generate a false narrative, it is so hard to prove a negative.

I am deeply grateful for the friends, supporters, and constituents who have seen through the yarns spun by the press and sent me well wishes and notes of support.

My reputation as an honest man, who believes in this country and the rule of law, has been deliberately tainted by people who have no regard for the truth. I do not know when or if they will tire of their lies and sensational reporting. In the meantime, I will continue telling the truth and fighting for the American values that are vital to my constituents. I ask that you look past the false stories and instead consider the evidence for yourself.