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House Judiciary Committee Members Support Amendment to Direct Investigation into Hillary Clinton's Emails

July 26, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Andy Biggs, along with lead sponsor Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Congressman Mike Johnson, filed an amendment in the House Judiciary Committee to direct an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey’s management of Hillary Clinton and her emails. Congressmen Gaetz, Jordan, Johnson, and Biggs released the following statements in support of the amendment:

“Every day of Donald Trump’s presidency has been consumed by the permanent agitation of the Democratic Party. From baseless accusations and spurious claims, to delaying every Presidential appointee, their attempts to discredit and undermine President Trump have been constant and unyielding. These smoke-and-mirrors efforts do little to serve the nation’s interests, and provide a convenient distraction from the many concerning, suspicious, and potentially illegal actions involving the FBI and the previous administration. From Susan Rice’s bizarre ‘tarmac meeting’ with Bill Clinton, to James Comey’s leaks of classified correspondence to the media, these are issues that matter to the American people, who have been justly bothered by the inaction of Congress. That inaction ends today, because today, my colleagues and I started going after the real criminals. May justice be served.” – Congressman Matt Gaetz

“Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch told then-FBI Director James Comey to mislead the American people about the Clinton email investigation. James Comey testified to this fact under oath. Even Senator Dianne Feinstein said this should be investigated. I'm supporting the efforts of my colleague Congressman Matt Gaetz to have a special counsel investigate this important issue.”Congressman Jim Jordan

“There is little question that members of Obama’s administration repeatedly broke protocol throughout their investigations into Hillary Clinton. What is unclear, however, is why we have received few answers over the past twelve months to our questions about their actions, especially concerning the former attorney general and FBI director. The House Judiciary Committee has continued to seek answers on various issues of interest stemming from their hearings and oversight responsibilities. This is simply an effort to finally get some of those important questions answered.” – Congressman Mike Johnson

“My colleagues and I introduced this amendment because we are tired of passively allowing the left and the radical media to distract from the Republican agenda through wild accusations. Most of the claims made about President Trump and his team are nothing more than unfounded, unsourced, anonymous allegations that merely serve the purpose of trying to delegitimize the President and prevent Congress from carrying out the agenda we promised to the American people. It is time for the Left to respond to the blatant misconduct of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, James Comey, Susan Rice, and Loretta Lynch. Our constituents want justice for the scandals of the Obama administration, and we must earn and keep their trust by demanding information and investigations. Today, we fight back and reclaim the narrative that has rightly been given to us by the American people.” – Congressman Andy Biggs